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Since its creation in 1975 Santoni pursued its vision refining the cultural heritage of craftsmanship and Italian excellence. Born with the creation of the haut de gamme shoes laboratory by Andrea Santoni, the brand’s legacy has been handed to his son Giuseppe, making of the brand an international icon.

The main features of the pure Made in Italy remained unchanged through time. Quality, passion for details and rigorous handmade workmanship are the core elements of distinction of Santoni, together with a distinctive style. Tradition and innovation. These are the parallel pillars Santoni built its success on, thanks to the perfect combination of traditional production techniques, as the ability of making entirely made-to-measure shoes, and the evolution in research and design. Thanks to these peculiarities, Santoni is becoming more and more the favourite choice of the international community of
connoisseurs and sophisticated customers, style-conscious people who always look for distinctive design and unique objects.

Boutique address:
Unit 16, Level 1, Saigon Centre
65 Le Loi street, district 1, HCMC.

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  • SANTONI - L1-16 - Trung tâm mua sắm Saigon Centre, 65 Lê Lợi, Q1, TP.HCM



SANTONI | The Tales of Colors

SANTONI | The Tales of Colors



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